Our Recruits

Our Recruits

Homegrown – it is a word you will hear often at Cadwalader. We believe in cultivating and promoting our associates from summer associate up through the ranks to special counsel and partner. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from our attorneys who were once where you are.

“I am incredibly proud to be a Cadwalader Lifer. Over my 33 years at the firm, while a lot has changed within the legal industry and the larger business world, our firm’s core values of client service, excellence, integrity and loyalty, are the same as those I learned as a young associate. As I’ve experienced through my own practice, having this strong foundation empowers our attorneys, at any stage in their career, to think big for our clients when advising on their most important transactions and matters.”

Pat Quinn
Managing Partner

“From my first days as a summer associate at Cadwalader, I immediately felt part of a very special firm. As a first year I worked directly with partners on important matters, while receiving invaluable mentoring and coaching along the way. As Chair of Cadwalader’s Hiring Committee and Training Partner for the 160+ attorneys in our Capital Markets practice, I try to consider practicing law in our group from their perspective—the kind of legal, business, ethical and practical issues and questions they are likely to encounter.”

Lisa Pauquette
Chair, Hiring Committee

“As an immigrant and as a first-generation lawyer, I was anxious about joining a big law firm. So far, my time at Cadwalader has by far exceeding my expectations. The work has been engaging, my colleagues have been supportive, and the firm as a whole has already started to feel like home.”

Ziggy Andrijauskaite, Associate (New York, NY)

“Working as a summer associate at Cadwalader provided me with the invaluable opportunity to interact with a variety of lawyers and explore different practice areas and the friendships and mentorships gained along the way were the icing on the cake.  These experiences, along with the opportunity to build the relationships and skills required to have a rewarding and successful summer served as the ultimate springboard to my professional development as a Cadwalader associate.”

Cheryl Barnes, Partner (Washington, D.C.)

“The summer program at Cadwalader is thoughtfully designed to provide a taste for what life as a first-year associate at Cadwalader is really like. During the summer program, I had the opportunity to work on real, complex assignments with several practice groups and, by the end of the summer, I knew which practice groups suited me and what would be expected of me as a first-year associate. In my transition from summer associate to first-year associate there have been no surprises because the summer program was an authentic and accurate representation of what it is like to be a part of the team at Cadwalader.”

Andrea Hoffer, Associate (Charlotte, NC)

“Everyone at the firm was happy to take the time to get to know me and chat with me about their career paths. The free market system for work assignment allowed me to try work from various departments and to imagine myself working alongside the attorneys in each department as a full-time associate in the future. I really appreciate the firm’s effort to make the virtual program as personal and meaningful as possible and I cannot wait to return to the firm with the best colleagues I can ask for.”

Cindy Moon, Associate, (New York, NY)

“During my summer at Cadwalader, I had the opportunity to meet amazing people and to work on substantive assignments in various fields that I wanted to explore, including capital markets, fund finance, real estate, white collar litigation, and antitrust. I felt that I had ownership of my work and that I learned what to expect as a junior associate at the firm. The partners and associates cared deeply about mentoring the summer associates and providing them with a valuable and memorable summer experience.”

Phillip von Pelser Berensberg, Associate, (Washington, DC)

“My experience as a summer associate at Cadwalader allowed me to work on real matters that allowed me to start developing skills I would need as an associate. The relationships I established over my summer have added so much value to my career—many of these individuals have become mentors and friends that care about my success.”

Candelario Saldana, Associate (Charlotte, NC)

“The most rewarding aspect about my career at CWT is that my group operates as more than just colleagues. We have so many friendships that permeate our group that everyone takes a vested interest in each other’s futures. This type of work environment is rare and something I do not take for granted.”

Lex Urban, Special Counsel (New York, NY)